Why does it feel like nobody support others anymore , like as if life is just a competition. That’s why I feel like people go through so much in their life because there’s no support system anymore ? Why is that? Is it because people feel like they’re better than everyone else ? Or is it because deep down they are hurt themselves and want to hate the world . I really want to know that answer because what I’m seeing around this world today is just ridiculous. We all need a support system no matter what and no matter what the situation may be .

My life

Here’s a experience to share . I have a sister who is autistic . She is now 30 years old . Growing up wasn’t normal for me and as I say normal I mean I didn’t have the luxury of leaving and hanging with my friends all the time or being able to play sports the way I wanted to . It was always me helping my mom and dad take care of my sister . No complaining over here but I wished we could have did normal family functions like vacations and family events . That’s just something my sister wasn’t having . When we were younger her autism wasn’t a sever as it is now so we did get to do more . When my mom took her to her last doctor visit for her shot . It had a effect on her . She started have seizures and it seemed that her autism has worsened. Now ,not everyone reacts to shots the same so I can’t say blame the shots but that’s the only thing we thought of . But of course the doctors said it wasn’t from that . They didn’t know where they came from. My sister went through major surgeries so she could stop having so many seizures through the day. She has 2 shunts . One in her belly and one in her head to pump fluids through her body . It stopped the seizures for years until recently . She started having them again and it was time for her to get new shunts in. She has no ones In now but still have short seizures here and there so now she has to be on different medications . People would never understand having a autistic sister who has never been through it . It’s stressful but at the same time autistic kids brings so much joy ! I thank for reading and supporting ❤️


Are you ready?

People say that they will never be ready for a child ? What does that mean exactly? In my mind I feel like nobody will ever be ready financially for a child unless their rich . People ask me why do you want another child considering you have one already? My answer is always because my children will make me go stronger and harder for the things I want. My children will be my motivation . My first born is already my motivation . Why do people feel the need to judge? Judging someone will only make them look bad. I’m 24 years old on my second child and I have no regrets ! Before people judge I wish they knew my story. One thing that keeps me going is my son and my little dumpling growing inside me ❤️


Some days ,these days

Some days you feel like you aren’t worth it

Some days you feel like you are

You ask yourself ,why do I always feel this way ?What am I doing so wrong that I feel like a failure ? Why does it feel like the earth is falling from under my feet ? Life just has so many obstacles that really can bring a person down and makes a person want to give up . Well I will tell you this Positive energy goes a long way ! And the more positives will take away the negatives ! ❤️