Happy one year!

I have been officially blogging for a year now! Thank you for everyone who supports me ❤️ you guys are amazing people for sure !

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Chaz 🌸

New moments ❤️

11 thoughts on “Happy one year!”

      1. Love your blogs btw they are soo inspiring you made push even harder . Also I have a question that I’ve seen someone mention in your blog post ! What plan are you currently on for WordPress . I was thinking about upgrading to the business plan

      2. 🙂 Oh, thank you for the kind words.

        I am using the free plan on WordPress.

        The business plan comes with lots of perks; such as, unlimited storage, the ability to use custom plugins, SEO tools and more.

      3. Ohhh okay ! I’m still debating on getting the business plan to make extra money of their are ways to do that! I love to blog so why not turn it into a career ! And you’re welcome ! Keep up the great blogs!

      1. I’ve been here for 2 years and feel like I’m just starting, but my first year was very slow and a real learning process. Enjoy!😃😺🌳

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