Pregnancy makes you tired πŸ˜΄

Hi everyone

If you didn’t know I am currently 5 weeks pregnant! I’ve been wanting another baby for a long time now and God finally permitted me to have one ! Ladies if you ever had children you know how tired you can get or can be. Well I’m going to tell you how I try not to be so tired and things that I do to keep me going during my pregnancy.

So far I have been going home and finding things to clean so my body won’t feel as drained . I walk up and down my stairs for a small workout and I also sort out my sons room which pretty much needs done everyday!

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but sometimes you can feel so drained to where all you want to do is sleep . So if anyone has any ideas on keeping my body going give me some tips ❀️ my next few blogs will be mommy blogs

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6 thoughts on “Pregnancy makes you tired πŸ˜΄

    1. Thank you so much ! πŸ˜€ yes I hope not ! I had a rough morning this morning with morning sickness for the first time .I didn’t have any with my first child ! I’ll update all about it later ! Thank you so much for the support !


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