Remember your dream ? ☁️

Do you ever remember what you dream about ? Sometimes ,always or never ? For the first time I woke up remembering my dream because it was special to me .now before I tell you about my dream,I lost my grandmother last September due to kidney failure & it was the worst lost I could ever deal with . I recently just found out I’m pregnant with my 2nd child . Wait… it gets better my due date is supposed to be on my grandmothers birthday.

Dream time !!!

I had a dream we threw my grandma this big party and when I got there I told her I was pregnant and she smiled and hugged me and then I said well grandma guess my due date she said March 21st and hugged me again. The dream felt so real and I was happy to remember it but I woke up balling my eyes out thinking it was real ! But I’m so happy I got to share with you guys about my experience!

Published by Chaz 🌸

New moments ❤️

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