Monday Fun Day

Hey everyone happy Monday ! Today has been a good sunshine day but also very emotional for me . I signed my son up for kindergarten ❤️ he’s always with me and barely leaves my side but I honestly think it’s good that he will be away from me and get to meet new teachers and students but I’ve had him at daycare with me since he was 6 weeks old . It’s so amazing watching him grow to a smart little guy ! Maybe once he starts school I’ll have more time to blog and get homework done sooner than usual ! Does anyone have any recommendations of how I can stay calm during all this ? Lol because at the moment mama bear is freaking out ! Thanks for your support ! ❤️

Published by Chaz 🌸

New moments ❤️

3 thoughts on “Monday Fun Day

    1. Thank you I’m definitely going to do that . I just ordered a book so maybe I’ll read that to keep myself occupied !


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