I’m back !

Hey everyone ,

Sorry I haven’t been on for awhile life and pregnancy definitely taking over ! I see you guys still have amazing posts like alwaysss ! I’ll be back later to talk to ya ! Good morning and have a blessed day ❤️

Mystery blogger award❤️

I want to thank my dear friend for the mystery blogger award . I never felt that my blogs were good enough and she definitely made them feel special ! ❤️ my first time being nominated as a reward so I definitely am soooo happy ! Mrs.Holliman is a amazing for nominating me ! Once again thank you guys and all of your support !

I must share

Hello everyone so I wanted to share something. I just found it alittle outraged. So as everyone on here knows I’m 3 months pregnant now . My due date is my grandmothers birthday (which she passed away last year on September 5th) . So I made a appointment for bloodwork to see if my baby and I are okay . My appointment is the September 5th which is my grandmothers death date . Does that sound crazy ? Or no? Am I just losing my mind lol

Pregnancy brain

Is pregnancy brain real ? Because honestly I feel like it is. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and I have been literally forgetting everything since I got pregnant! My morning sickness has finally went away ! But I’m always just so tired and don’t feel like doing anything so what’s better then blogging all day to keep you guys entertained! I’ll be posting more about my pregnancy because I feel like it’s just a interesting topic to cover and especially for the men and women who doesn’t have kids can understand the basics of pregnancy ❤️ thanks for all your support and I’ll be up to date with more blogs soon !

Just another day ðŸ¤·ðŸ½â€â™€ï¸

Just another day

Some days you don’t know what to do besides giving up . Your heart will constantly tell you not to but your mind is saying to do it . You try to have the patience to finish but it’s so hard to have the motivation. It feels like you will never get far enough or do good enough . Why does it feel this way? Why does it seem easier for everyone else ? Why does everything feel so hard ? People say God won’t give you anything you can’t handle but sometimes I feel that he does it on purpose. Is it making me stronger ? Is it making me more weak? Whatever it is I just hope it works out because at this point A person gets tired .

A mothers love

A mothers love is something you can never take away.

A mothers love will be here forever no matter if they are dead or alive

A mothers love will never fade

A mothers love is there no matter what the cause may be

Last night I really thought about my grandmother and how my mom no longer has her mother to turn to . I know it’s hurtful for her not to go to her because that’s what she was used it . When I look at my mom I can see the stress in her and I wish I can do everything in my power to take all of it away. A mothers love will always be something I will love and cherish until the day she isn’t here anymore !

Coffee ?☕️ or tea? 🍵 mornings

Good morning everyone !! Where are all my coffee drinkers at? What kind of coffee do you like ? Even if you don’t like coffee do you like anything from Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts ? My fave that I have this morning is a Carmel iced coffee with extra cream and Carmel ! Since I am pregnant I can only have 1 coffee a day which sucks because my usual was like 2-3 a day to keep me going lol ! Have a great morning and I will talk to you guys later ❤️